10 Ways to Celebrate April

  Discover the beauty of April…

together with an older family member or friend, with these activities!



  1. In the spirit of April Fool’s Day, tell jokes and talk about pranks and practical jokes remembered from childhood or adulthood.
  2. Is your loved one a gardener? If so consider these garden activities: plan a garden, plant a garden, visit a garden, look at pictures of gardens, visit a nursery, or watch a garden show on TV. Here are some gardening tips for older persons.
  3. Take advantage of the warm days by getting outdoors for a walk and check out all the spring flowers in bloom. Check out this post about walking.
  4. April 13th is Scrabble® Day. Play a game of Scrabble® or choose from one of the many varieties of Scrabble® including Scrabble Slam®, and Scrabble Flash®. These are fun!
  5. Visit your loved one’s local library. Look around at all the resources they have to offer. Help your loved one apply for a library card if he doesn’t have one, then check out movies, books, or audio books. See Zinio for Libraries to download free magazines on a computer or tablet. Also check out Great Library Resources for Older Persons.
  6. Can’t get enough gardening? Here’s some questions to Reminisce in the Garden.
  7. Assist a loved one with spring cleaning. Use this opportunity to create activity spaces that remind an older loved one to participate in the activities they love.
  8. Celebrate springtime while reminiscing about spring and spring word search.
  9. Buy a new adult coloring book and color with your loved one.
  10. Make a movie list of movies you and your loved one would like to see and rent them at your local library (or wherever you rent movies). Then plan to watch them. Make a list of snacks as well that you want to eat while watching!

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