10 Activities to do in June With an Older Family Member

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Celebrate June with a few family activities!

June offers many activity opportunities! Here are a few that include an older family member!

  1. June is National Zoo and Aquarium Month! Invite an older family member on a date to view the animals at the zoo or marine life at an aquarium. Check accessibility if needed by calling ahead or by visiting their website. Invite the children in the family for this excursion as well.
  2. Celebrate Judy Garland’s birth date on June 10 by watching The Wizard of Oz. Talk about your favorite characters and scenes from the movie.
  3. Father’s Day is June 18th. Celebrate Fathers with a barbecue, scenic drive, watching a baseball game, making ice cream sundaes, or enjoying a favorite pie. See Reminiscing with Dad for sharing Dad’s memories.
  4. Summer Solstice is June 21st. Reminisce about past summers with these questions from Summer Reminiscing. Include the whole family and record everyone’s stories.
  5. Create an outdoor exercise routine for you and your older family member. Do your regular routine outdoors or consider physical activities like walks, gardening, or sweeping a porch. Many outdoor activities can get us moving. Find out what activities suits your loved one. See Get Moving in the Garden for outdoor task ideas.
  6. Play at the park with the children! See this post on 10 Activities to do with Grandparents at the Park.
  7. Take your loved one on a trip to a National Park. See this post on National Parks Pass for Seniors.
  8. Plan a picnic in the park or in your own backyard. Find a shady place and do this often. There’s nothing like fresh summer air!
  9. Take a scenic drive in the country. Take notice of things like crops that are just planted and how they are growing. If you take scenic drives often enough you see changes in the field crops so that by the end of the summer season you’ll see things like fully grown corn stalks or heads of cabbage. Stop by a farmer’s market to buy fresh produce. Plan to make a meal with it.
  10. Take dad or mom on a fishing trip if they enjoy fishing. Consider accessible lakes and places to take them if needed. There are many wheelchair accessible campgrounds and fishing areas across the country. Check the internet for those in your area. Just type in “accessible fishing areas” along with your state in your search engine.

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