Halloween Reminiscing

Reminiscing about Halloween

Halloween is a favorite holiday for many. Children and adults alike have dressed up in costumes, gone to haunted houses, hosted parties, or given out candy to children.What were past Halloween’s like for your older family member or friend?trick or treating ghost


Questions for Reminiscing about Halloween

About Halloween

Do you like Halloween? Did you always/ever enjoy Halloween?


Did you ever dress up in a costume? What types of costumes did you wear? Did you buy your costume or did you make it? Which was more fun, making a costume or buying one? What was your favorite costume? Did you ever dress up as a pair with another person? Did you dress up as a kid, as an adult, or both?


Did you ever attend Halloween parties? Whose parties were they? Did you ever host a party for friends or for your children?


Did you ever pull any pranks? What kinds of pranks did you do? Who did you prank? Were they angry or did it make them mad? Did you get caught or get in trouble?

Halloween with your children

Did your children ever dress up? Do you remember their costumes? Did you make the costumes or buy them? What did they dress up as? Which costume was your favorite? Where did your children go to show off their costume? Did you take them trick-or-treating? Where did you go, in your neighborhood or another neighborhood? Did you ever eat any of their candy? Which candy was their favorite? Which candy was your favorite?


Did you ever grow pumpkins? What did you do with the pumpkins? Did you ever go to a farm and pick your own pumpkins? Did you carve pumpkins? Did you carve pumpkins with your children?

Candy and trick-or-treaters

Did you pass out candy at your house? What type of candy did you pass out? Did you live in the city or in a rural area? Did you have many trick-or-treaters come to your house? Did you decorate your house for Halloween?

Halloween favorites

Is there one Halloween that was your favorite? Do you have a favorite candy? If you dressed up for this Halloween what would you be?



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