Decorate a Gardening Hat

Hats are a dime a dozen…

but when you decorate your own, it’s unique. Gardening hats are a must when working out in the sun to protect your loved one’s scalp, face and neck from being burned. So buying a wide-brimmed hat with sun protection fabric is wise.

Even if your loved one doesn’t garden, decorating a sun hat can be fun. In fact, have a decorating party with the grandkids where everyone decorates their own. Then plan a picnic or an outdoor tea party!

garden hat with flower


It’s simple to make a gardening hat your own.

Simply purchase the hat of your choice and decorate with whatever materials your loved one prefers. Some ideas are ribbon, flowers, feathers, buttons, small animal/bug embellishments like birds, butterflies, ladybugs, fishing equipment like bobbers or flies (without the hooks, or with hooks snipped off for safety), small medals achieved, bandanas, leather straps, etc… Check to see what materials you have on hand and let him or her decorate it. Attach the embellishments with glue, clips, or needle and thread. Just make sure all embellishments are safe to attach to a hat your loved one wears.

The hat in the picture was made with one simple sunflower. If decorations are not permanently glued, embellishments can be changed out at a later date for another embellishment, if you wish to have a change.

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