Reminiscing with Shadow Boxes

Shadow box with pictures and momentos.Make a shadowbox with familiar pictures and momentos.Shadow boxes are a great way to display mementos of people and events in our life. They are a wonderful remembrance of a person, a trip, event, or time in our life. Like a scrapbook, it tells a story. It can remind us of something we don’t want to forget.

Making a shadow box for elder is a wonderful reminder of a person or event.

I have put a few shadow boxes together-two that displays baptismal events with baby dresses, shoes, and other religious items. The other two boxes I assisted my mother in remembering her mother and father. In my grandmother’s box we arranged a younger picture of her along with some items she owned such as a thimble, needles, doily, flag pin, lace gloves, cross, necklace, and a picture of her children. My grandfather’s box represented him as well, which included a harmonica, razor, juice harp, tiny ladder and paint brushes (he was a carpenter) and bible. My mom displays these shadow boxes on a wall in her sewing room and we reminisce about them frequently.

To make a shadow box for someone you know, start by purchasing a shadow box at a hobby store.

Next gather small items from your loved ones collections that represent him or her—a picture, jewelry, awards, things representing work, hobbies, and life achievements. Many items can describe a person, event, or time. Take your time in thinking and searching for just the right items.

Arrange your items in the box. I used decorative scrapbooking paper in the background on all the boxes. Then I pinned the items in place on top of the paper. Assemble your shadow box and hang it in a significant place.

Reminisce about this box frequently with your older family member or friend. Talk about the memories attached to each item or what it represents.

You may even wish to include your older family member or friend in creating the box. It’s fun to reminisce while working on it.

Shadow boxes can be made for those in elder living facilities as well to decorate a wall and to reminisce about when visiting.