Bowling for Seniors

Bowling has been around for many years. It’s likely that our older family members or friends may have bowled sometime in their life. They may have even been a member of a bowling team or played occasionally for fun.

Bowling is physical, social, and a community activity. It can be competitive or just for fun. It is fun to watch as well.

The use of adaptive equipment can reconnect an older family member or friend with bowling. Here are some considerations:

  • Bowling alleys are generally wheelchair accessible. You can roll a wheelchair right up to a lane to bowl.
  • Bowling alleys have ramps that can be set on the lane. (The ramps can be removed for another player who does not need them when their turn comes.) A ball can be placed at the top of the ramp and it will roll down the lane towards the pins. This can be used for anyone with limited arm strength or those needing assistance in rolling the ball.
  • Check your bowling alley for lightweight balls. The lowest weight I have seen at an alley is 7 lbs. I have seen lighter weight balls available online. Check with your local bowling alley for regulations in bringing in your own equipment.
  • Bumpers can be raised to avoid gutter balls.
  • Most bowling alleys now have computerized scoring. Just plug in names, whether you want bumpers, and order of play, and the computer will keep score the entire game. Nice!
  • Consider comfortable clothes for easier movement and don’t forget the socks. (You will need to rent shoes.)
  • Call ahead of time to check out any special accommodations you may need, as well as the best times to play. Have fun!

bowling balls