October Activity Roundup

Here’s a roundup of 10 favorite Autumn Posts…

you can checkout during the month of October.

sunflower with bees

  1. Autumn Reminiscing – Treat yourself to an hour of stories about Autumn. Here are some questions about past Autumns if your older family member enjoys reminiscing.
  2. The weather is usually still nice enough to get out and enjoy the Autumn scenery. Here are 5 Autumn Trips to Take with an Older Loved One.
  3. The aromas and tastes are a big part of any season. You can experience both of the tastes and smells of Autumn by making some Crockpot Mulled Apple Cider for you and your family member.
  4. Keeping active is important. Here are ways for Keeping Active During Autumn.
  5. If you and a loved one are feeling crafty try making something from mason jars – Autumn Mason Jar Crafts.
  6. If you want more reminiscing questions, these are about Halloween. How did your older family member celebrate Halloween? Here are some questions to get you started.
  7. Seasonal decorations can sometimes be a reminder to a person with dementia what time of year it is. See this post on Decorating Nature’s Way for ideas on decorating their home.
  8. If your loved one enjoys giving, here’s a simple craft to make for anyone, especially the kids in their life – Halloween Candy Bags.
  9. Make a fall potpourri from the things you gather on your walk. See this post on Gathering and Making Potpourri.
  10. For the days when you need to stay in because of the weather, set up a jig-saw puzzle to do together.

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