Activities in Season

Postcard with flowers and sun

Gifts of Art for Grandparents

Many children love to color, draw, and paint as a way to express themselves. They can sometimes create so many ...
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flower painting

Nature Painting

For many of us who aren't artists, painting is one of those art forms that can be intimidating before you ...
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Pair of men's boots

Reminiscing About Work life

Work takes up a great portion of our life. We spend hours at work to make a living for our ...
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Simple Homemade Crafts for Gifts or Bazaars

Some seniors, like my mom, love making things for others. She loves to give her homemade items as gifts for ...
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two pumpkins in a chair

Remember When? Autumn

What do you remember about Autumn? Remember when... Autumn was a time to celebrate the harvesting of crops and produce ...
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gift certificate

Homemade Gift Certificate Ideas to Give to a Grandparent

Homemade Gift Certificates are little reminders of how much someone cares. There are no better gifts than this to be ...
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September-10 Things to do with an Older Family Member

September is a beautiful time of year. Summer is on it's way out, and many welcome fall. It's all about ...
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Canning jars of dilly beans and carrots

Reminiscing About Canning

Canning can be a fun family activity, whether I do it with my mother or my husband (my husband enjoys ...
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Pile of young and old hands

Fun Photo Inspirations for Grandparents and Grandkids

Consider these activities with the kids an inspiration for fun photos! If you are caring for an older family member ...
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Backyard games collage

Backyard Games to Play with an Older Family Member

Plan to Play Backyard Games! In honor of National Backyard Games Week, here are 10 backyard games to play with ...
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5 Autumn Trips to Take With An Older Loved One

Autumn is a great time of year... to take some day trips with an older loved one. Here are 5 ...
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Apple cider in a mason jar with cinnamon sticks

Crock Pot Mulled Apple Cider

Apples, Apples, Apples! Celebrate apples during National Apple Month (October) or any time of the year, by making favorite and ...
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Dahlia in bloom in Autumn

Keeping Active During Autumn

Autumn is a great time to stay active for older family members and friends. The weather has turned a bit ...
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pile of books and glasses

September is Library Card Sign-up Month! Sign-up a Senior Loved One

Does your older family member or friend love books, audio books, movies, or magazines? Does she use the library or ...
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Apple and dotted lines

Back to School Word Search

What school words does your older family member or friend remember? What school words were not part of his or ...
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Celebrate Grandparents Day!

Happy Grandparents Day! Sunday September 11, 2016 is Grandparents Day. How will you celebrate the Grandparents or grand friends in ...
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mason jars filled with cand and flowers

Autumn Mason Jar Crafts

Mason jars have been around since the 1800's. The jars were used in home canning for the preservation of food ...
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Grandchildren and Grandparents hands

Celebrate Grandparents!

Gather the children and celebrate Grandparents in September on Grandparents Day or any time of the year! Celebrate by eating ...
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bundle of wheat grass

Decorating Nature’s Way

Helping an older person to decorate their home with seasonal decorations helps to remind them of the season, especially those ...
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pumpkin patch

Autumn Reminiscing

Fall is a season of beautiful color... and a wonderful time to take walks or just sit and relax at ...
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The Art of Tinkering

parts to a razor and tools

My dad has always been a tinkerer.

When I was younger he had a workshop in our basement. In his “man space” he was surrounded by tools, nails, nuts, bolts, metal things, tiny things, and things I didn’t know the names for. He would go down to his workshop most nights after dinner, turn on his light, and sit on his swivel stool. Then he tinkered.

He took things apart, then he put them back together. He fixed things that broke. He knew about motors and why they would stop working. Looking back, my dad could fix anything—cars, plumbing, electricity, the house, you name it and he knew something about it. I never saw a plumber, electrician, builder, or lawn maintenance worker at my childhood home. My dad and mom did it all.

Now, at almost 96 years old, my dad is still a tinkerer.

His garage is now his main workshop and it is filled with gadgets I still cannot name. On warm days he sits in his garage and tinkers with something on his workbench.

Recently, my dad’s electric razor broke and he decided instead of buying a new one he would take this one apart and fix it. He worked on it over the course of several days while his beard grew. My mom sort of laughed as the parts to his razor lay all over the dining room table. “He’s keeping busy. I told him next he can fix the old cuckoo clock.” (Yes they still have one).

My dad told me the other day that he fixed the razor, minus “two parts that really wasn’t needed in there to work”. He probably saved those parts for something else.

His beard was shaved though, mostly, much to my mothers delight. My mother pointed out the spots on his face where he missed shaving. “Must be because of the parts you left out of the razor,” she told him.

garage workshop

Does your parent like to tinker with things?

Tinkering can be done with just about any activity. A crafter might like to tinker with a bunch of craft supplies, while an old car mechanic might like to tinker with a motor. Of course, be safe with whatever it is that they work with.

Also think about a space in which to tinker around. Do you need a table to set things on? Or maybe a tray would work better. Maybe a craft room, sewing room, or a workshop would be a place to tinker. What space do you have available?

Consider that tinkering may not be for everyone. But, for those that love to tinker, it is as every bit an art as a painter with a canvas and a brush. It’s just a different canvas, a different brush, and a different landscape.

Gifts of Art for Grandparents

Many children love to color, draw, and paint as a way to express themselves. They can sometimes create so many pages of art that it’s hard to know what to do with them all. I have experienced this with my own children and I didn’t have the heart to throw any of them away.

Have you ever wondered what to do with all the coloring pages, drawings, and paintings the child in your family creates? Many older folks love to receive these art pages. They love to look at them, display them, and show them to others.

Here are some ideas on how to turn works of art into gifts of art for a grandparent or other older person in your life.

child's postcard on display

  • Give your child postcard sized papers to draw or paint on and send them in the mail. The cheerful postcard is always a welcome sight in the mail.
  • Bind the pages of art together into a book. Use a binder to place the artwork in. Make a cover for the binder (there is a cover sleeve in most binders to slip one into) with the artists name on it.
  • Glue the artwork onto a sturdy piece of cardboard or cardstock and attach a magnet to the back. Or place in clear frames meant for hanging on refrigerators.
  • Use the colored pages from a coloring book as wrapping paper for small gifts.
  • Tuck the artwork in gifts like books to use as bookmarks.

care package items in a basket

  • Add a collection of art to a care package you are making for a loved one who lives near or far away.
  • Glue small art to the top of a coaster (found at hobby stores). Finish it with a clear coat of modge podge.
  • Of course there are many sites that can create calendars. Just scan in your child’s artwork and send it off to create a personalized calendar.

flower painting

  • Nature painting is a wonderful piece of art that makes small lovely gifts you may frame. You can also frame and display other pages like drawings or coloring pages.

These make great gifts for Grandparents Day or other special days of the year.