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lavender sachet

Crafts From Herbs

Herbs are such delightful plants that offer aromatic and culinary surprises. Creating crafts from herbs captures their aromatic properties and delights us for days ...
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owl pot with flowers

Tips for Creating Activity Spaces in the Garden for an Elder

Creating activity spaces for elderly loved ones is important especially for those folks with Alzheimer's or memory loss. Activity spaces in ...
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How to Make a Pinwheel

Pinwheels are not only pretty to look at, but a lot of fun to make. Here is a short tutorial on ...
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flower painting

Nature Painting

For many of us who aren't artists, painting is one of those art forms that can be intimidating before you even try. You ...
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glass of lemonade

Simple Activities to Beat the Heat

Trying to think of ways to help an older family member beat the heat? Here are a few ideas for keeping cool ...
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garden hat with flower

Decorate a Gardening Hat

Hats are a dime a dozen... but when you decorate your own, it's unique. Gardening hats are a must when ...
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Garden Checklist for Senior Gardeners

If you take care of a loved one that enjoys gardening, there is no greater joy than doing SOMETHING in ...
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Flower and pinecone collage

Gathering and Making Potpourri

There's something satisfying about making your own potpourri. It might be in the search for the beauty of nature, but ...
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Canning jars of dilly beans and carrots

Reminiscing About Canning

Canning can be a fun family activity, whether I do it with my mother or my husband (my husband enjoys canning with ...
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woman at an antique store

12 New Things to Explore With an Older Family Member

Unexplored paths Lead to undiscovered treasures. Constance Chuks Friday Chances to explore are everywhere and if you spend a lot ...
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daisies in vases

Summertime Sensory Activities

 Summer is an abundant season for our senses! Sensory activities help us to stay connected to the world around us. Use ...
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collage of wildflowers

12 Ways to Stay Active in July With an Older Family Member

Celebrate the middle of summer... with these family activities that include your older family member or older friend! Celebrate Independence ...
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Bench surrounded by flowers

Remember When? Summer Time

What do you remember about Summertime? Remember when... you went to the drive-in movie theater to see a movie? Is ...
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Pile of young and old hands

Fun Photo Inspirations for Grandparents and Grandkids

Consider these activities with the kids an inspiration for fun photos! If you are caring for an older family member or ...
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Backyard games collage

Backyard Games to Play with an Older Family Member

Plan to Play Backyard Games! Here are 10 backyard games to play with an older family member: Cornhole - Is ...
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Plant collage

The Sensory Garden

A Sensory Garden invites us to experience the world with a "different set of eyes". If you cannot see, you ...
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Rhubarb, Raspberry, and Strawberry Pie

For Those Who Enjoy Making Pies Here is a recipe to make with an older family member or friend who ...
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Cup with flower

Crafts From Pressed Flowers

Using and Preserving Flowers... is the next step in the process of Collecting and Pressing Flowers. In that blog post ...
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Feeding Chickens

Reminiscing About Farming and Country Ways of Life

If your loved one has ever been touched by or interested in farming, gardening, or country ways of life, here ...
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5 Gardening Activities With Grandparents

The outside world gives us so much to see, smell, taste, hear, and feel. Help a child and grandparent to ...
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three small flowers

Collecting and Pressing Flowers

Pressing flowers is an old craft, one that has been around for many years. Children and adults have easily preserved ...
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Red, White, and Blue Yogurt Dessert

Here is a quick and easy three ingredient dessert to make for the 4th of July or anytime of the ...
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Tea set and party at the park

10 Activities to do with Grandparents at the Park

The next time you take the kids to the park to play, don't forget to take an older family member ...
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grandparents and grandkids walking in the park

10 Places to Take Grandma and Grandpa This Summer

Summer offers so many outdoor and outing opportunities for older family members. Here are some ideas for the whole family to ...
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garden tools, dog

Get Moving…In the Garden

We all know moving our bodies has physical as well as psychological benefits. But moving in the garden has so ...
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public gardens

A Botanical Garden Visit

Visiting a botanical garden is both a stimulating and peaceful experience. It's quiet, yet you hear the sound of crickets, ...
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yellow columbine flowers

Summer Reminiscing

Pour some lemonade, sit on the porch and reminisce with your older friend or family member about summers past. Activities ...
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tulips in a flower bed

Remembering in the Garden

A garden can stimulate memories from long ago. Spending time in a garden can bring back memories of once having ...
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Dahlia in bloom in Autumn

The Senior Gardener’s Toolbox

Here are some tips and tools for the Senior Gardener, depending on abilities: Use raised beds, boxes, or flower pots at ...
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fairy garden

Make Your Own Fairy Garden

Fairy gardens are lovely miniature gardens that are delightful to look at. They can captivate the imagination of young and ...
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Crafts From Herbs

Herbs are such delightful plants that offer aromatic and culinary surprises. Creating crafts from herbs captures their aromatic properties and delights us for days and months. Crafts preserves their beauty as well.

lavender flower cuttings

Here are four crafts made from herbs that can provide aromatherapy that you can make for yourself or an elder.

  • Herb Pillow – Herb pillows are pillows that can provide beauty, comfort, and relaxation depending what herbs you use. Here’s what you’ll need: fabric (muslin is a nice fabric to use); sewing machine; and herbs (I like to use lavender which is great for calming and relaxation), but you can also use chamomile, rose petals, or other favorite mixture of flowers and herbs. First cut two pieces of fabric the same size, keeping your pillow size on the smaller side. With right sides together, stitch around the edges leaving about ¼ to ½ inch seam allowance. Leave a small opening and insert the herb mixture. Continue stitching the pillow closed.
  • Potpourri – Gather herbs, flowers from the yard like roses/rose buds/rose petals, leaves, small pine cones, or other natural things and combine them to make a potpourri. Using your favorite fragrant flowers will provide aroma to a room. Place them in your favorite open dish.
  • Herb Posy – I like to make lavender herb posies and place them in baskets or homemade paper cones. Cut the lavender or other fragrant herbs with stems attached. Wrap the stems with floral tape or just tie them with a ribbon and place in a basket or paper cone. See this link on how to make a paper cone. Also see this post on how to make Spring posies.
  • Sachet – Use your favorite mix of herbs and place them in a small bag that ties. These bags can be found at craft stores in the wedding section. Because all parts of the lavender are fragrant, I used lavender blooms, stems, and leaves.

lavender sachet


  • I use lavender because I grow it in my flower and herb garden. Consider planting lavender in this years or next years garden, then use the cuttings in crafts.
  • You may also purchase herbs on line.
  • These crafts also make wonderful gifts in addition to their aromatic benefits.