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cinnamon stick Christmas tree

Cinnamon Stick Christmas Ornament

These ornaments made from cinnamon sticks are great for using up old ribbon and making funny little Christmas trees. Materials/Supplies ...
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Christmas Tree decoration

Christmas Trees from Yarn and Thread

These Christmas trees are cute and simple to make. For an older loved one who loves crafts, but may have ...
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collage of materials needed to make felt Christmas ornaments

Cookie Cutter Christmas Ornaments

Cookie cutters aren't just for making cookies! Cookie cutters make great patterns for making Christmas ornaments. Here's how! Materials and ...
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stamped paper

Stamp Your Own Wrapping Paper

Here's a fun craft that everyone around the table can participate in. Materials/Supplies needed: Roll of brown packaging paper (available ...
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Christmas Tree and gifts

December Activities with Older Family Members

Feeling in the holiday spirit? Here are 15 Activities to do in December with an older family member or friend! ...
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Star Christmas ornament

Home Made Christmas Gifts for Older Loved Ones

Home made gifts are fun to create... especially if you make it a family project. Creating something from scratch allows ...
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wrapped gift

Holiday Gift Guide for Older Loved Ones

Here are some ideas for holiday gifts for the older person in your life. Clothes-consider clothes that are easy to ...
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Christmas Shopping List

Tips for Shopping With an Older Family Member

If you are shopping with an older family member this holiday season, here are 11 quick tips to help you ...
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Santa, sleigh, and reindeer

Places to Go in December

If you want somewhere to go this month with your older family member or friend, here are a few ideas: ...
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coordinating fabric

Easy Craft-No Sew Throws

Throws make wonderful gifts for those who like a little extra warmth. What could be better than having your own ...
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Christmas Trivia

Name 4 other names for Santa Claus. In the story "Twas the Night Before Christmas" by Clement C. Moore, finish ...
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teaspoons on a tea towel with a rooster

Baker’s Quiz

Baker's dozen 8 ounces = ________. Add this to milk to make a substitution for buttermilk. Add this to fruit ...
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Antique kitchen gadgets

Stirring Up Memories in the Kitchen

Many memories are made in the kitchen. This is the place where family and friends gather not only to eat, ...
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Red bird in a tree

Don’t Forget Our Feathered Friends!

As some of us in colder climates put away our summer garden decor we need to remember our feathered friends ...
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Picture collage: garden stone, origami bird, pot holders

Kids Gifts for Grandparents

Children love making things. Here are some crafty and homemade gifts kids can give to Grandparents. Make homemade picture frames ...
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care package items in a basket

How to Create a Care Package

Creating a care package for an older friend or family member is a great way to stay connected. It can ...
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Cinnamon Stick Christmas Ornament

These ornaments made from cinnamon sticks are great for using up old ribbon and making funny little Christmas trees.

cinnamon stick Christmas tree

Materials/Supplies needed:

  • Cinnamon sticks
  • Ribbon – I used grosgrain ribbon which worked the best and I also used tiny paper ribbon that I had on hand
  • glue (optional)
  • thread or string for hanging
  • embellishment for the top of the tree (optional)
  • scissors

Directions to make Christmas trees

  1. Cut ribbon into short lengths. I cut mine about 6 inches.
  2. Tie or glue the ribbon onto the cinnamon stick.
  3. I cut my ribbon as I went, angling each cut. The ribbon at the bottom of the tree is longer. As the ribbon goes up to the top, the ribbon is shorter.
  4. Continue to add as many pieces of ribbon as you wish until you reach the top. Adjust the ribbon on the cinnamon stick as needed.
  5. I added a star button at the top of mine to finish it off.
  6. Tie a piece of thread or string around the top of the cinnamon stick for hanging on a Christmas tree.

cinnamon stick Christmas tree


  • Tying the ribbon may get tedious for someone whose eye-hand coordination has decreased. You may wish to have him or her cut the ribbon and even arrange the ribbon once it is tied on.
  • Smell the cinnamon sticks as you work and reminisce about what you use cinnamon with in the kitchen.
  • Experiment with other ways to make a tree. For instance you might try tying strips of old fabric around the stick or glue green felt in the shape of  a Christmas tree onto the cinnamon stick.

Thanksgiving Story Prompts for Family Gatherings

Here’s a game the whole family can play when getting together for Thanksgiving.

From elders to children, gather around and summon your imagination to complete these story prompts.


  • The last time Great Grandma Ida came to Thanksgiving dinner she brought her …
  • Having ________ for dinner seemed like a good idea until ________.
  • Cousin Eloise brought a date for Thanksgiving dinner. He was …
  • Uncle Homer made up a funny Thanksgiving blessing. It went like this …
  • This year I told Aunt Dixie not to bring her usual dish to Thanksgiving dinner, but she did anyway. The reason I didn’t want her to bring it was because …
  • My mother cooked a turkey for Thanksgiving dinner, but when she opened the oven door to take it out she was surprised …
  • One year the neighbors invited me over for Thanksgiving dinner. I was surprised at their dinner menu! It was …
  • I couldn’t believe my ears one Thanksgiving when little Davey commented on Great Aunt Lucille’s homemade rolls. He said …
  • My brother-in-law wants to try another magic trick at Thanksgiving this year. It really isn’t a good idea because last year he …
  • We arrived at my Uncle Archie’s Turkey farm for Thanksgiving dinner, expecting a turkey dinner, but instead …
  • The desserts were a little nutty at this years Thanksgiving meal. It was …
  • My dad texted me that he and mom were coming to Thanksgiving dinner. This is what he wrote LOL …
  • Yay! I get to ride on one of the Thanksgiving Day parade floats! I chose to ride on …
  • One Thanksgiving Day I made a rhubarb strawberry pie. Everyone who ate it …
  • Grandpa’s favorite thing about Thanksgiving dinner is …
  • One year, my family gathered together on Thanksgiving and each of us said five things we were thankful for. I started my list with …