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popsicle stick bird feeder

Popsicle Stick Bird Feeder

Here's a simple craft that will also feed the birds that winter in your area! Materials and Supplies Needed for ...
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dirt path

10 Activities to Start in 2017 With an Elder

It's the start of a new year, and with that goals and plans come to mind. Having caregiving goals and ...
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snow globes

Make a Snow Globe that Tells a Story

Snow globes are a miniature winter wonderland. They can be great fun to make with the grandkids and the best ...
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Homemade snowballs and oddballs

How to Make Snowballs and Oddballs

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Winter Sensory Activities

Stay connected to the world around you by consciously using your sense of smell, vision, hearing, taste, and touch. Sensory ...
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Christmas Card Puzzle

Reuse and Recycle Christmas Cards

Christmas cards are beautiful, but what do you do with them after your loved one has received them? Here are ...
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Bridge in winter

Get Moving with Winter Imagery

Imagine you are walking along a mountain path. You have walking sticks in both hands as you walk. You breathe ...
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One lap rice bag and two hand held rice bags.

Winter Warmers-Hand and Lap Heating Bags

These little hand and lap heating bags are a wonderful way to keep warm in winter. Here are some other ...
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Ice crystals on a river

Winter Story Threads

Start a winter story or finish a phrase with an older family member. This is a great family activity, reminiscing ...
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10 January Activities to do with an Older Loved One

Here are some activities to experience and celebrate during January with your older family member or friend! Winter is here! ...
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fairy garden and scarecrow

Make an Indoor Fairy Garden

Bring the joy of a fairy garden indoors... so your older family member or friend can enjoy it year round ...
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embroidery supplies

Indoor Activities to do with an Older Family Member

Here is a list of indoor activities to do with an older family member or friend, especially useful during the ...
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Remembering Winter

Here are some questions to help an older family member or friend remember winters past. What were winters like when ...
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Making Paper Snowflakes

Paper snowflakes are a beautiful addition to a tree, window, or anywhere you want to see these white lacy beauties ...
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Binder of old calendar pages

Making Scenic Scrapbooks From Old Calendars

Scrapbooks are fun to look at and can be made not only from family photographs, but also old scenic calendars ...
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Red bird in a tree

Don’t Forget Our Feathered Friends!

As some of us in colder climates put away our summer garden decor we need to remember our feathered friends ...
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Popsicle Stick Bird Feeder

Here’s a simple craft that will also feed the birds that winter in your area!

popsicle stick bird feeder

Materials and Supplies Needed for Bird Feeder:

  • Popsicle Sticks (I used larger ones because I had those in my craft closet)
  • Non toxic Glue
  • Drill or an awl that you can poke a hole with (optional)
  • Small bit of yarn or string
  • Peanut butter
  • Wild bird seed
  • Paper plate

Popsicle stick bird feeder materials

Directions to make your Popsicle Stick Bird Feeder:

  1. Choose 4 popsicle sticks. Glue the centers together adding one on top of the other, until the 4th one is on top. Let dry. This should look like a flower shape.
  2. Drill a tiny hole at the top of one of the sticks. Run a piece of yarn or string through the hole and tie it together for hanging. If you don’t have a drill or an awl, tie the yarn or string around the sticks securely at one of the ends or around the center for hanging.
  3. Place a generous amount of bird seed on a paper plate.
  4. Spread peanut butter all over the front and back of the flower shaped bird feeder.
  5. Dip the flower shaped bird feeder onto the bird seed. Press down to get all the areas of the bird feeder covered with bird seed.
  6. Hang on a tree or up against a fence post and enjoy the birds that come to visit.

popsicle stick bird feeder


10 Activities to Start in 2017 With an Elder

It’s the start of a new year, and with that goals and plans come to mind. Having caregiving goals and plans for a loved one you are caring for is a good idea because caregiving can sometimes feel disorganized. You can sometimes feel like the days fly by and nothing gets done. Having a plan in mind can set tracks that lead to happier days and better quality of life.

While there are many aspects to caregiving, this blog is dedicated to leisure, recreation, socialization, and other life fulfillment possibilities and opportunities for an elder family member or friend.

dirt path


The following is a list of activities and plans to start this year with an elder that is in your life.

Add your own things to start when you think of them.

  1. Starting a lunch club with your loved one and one or more family members or friends will help keep him or her in touch with others. Schedule a lunch once a month, or more if you like, and invite family or friends to meet you. If your loved one can’t leave the house, invite others over for a simple lunch. This increases socialization which becomes increasingly important for elders. Invite the same people or invite different folks each time. If lunch is too much activity for your loved one, how about a coffee club?
  2. Start a home library. It can be as small or large as you wish. It can be a basket of books and magazines, or a whole bookshelf full. It can be a bible sitting on the coffee table, or the daily newspaper. You can have a stack of children’s books to read with the grandkids when they visit in a very special place as well. You may also have a kindle or a nook where a loved one keeps their books. (My mom just got a kindle for Christmas and at 84, she loves it!) For someone who is visually impaired, audio books may be the answer. For those elders who love to read, a home library offers something they can pick up whenever they wish.
  3. Get together to make meals once a month. Getting together with a loved one or other family members to make meals for the month can be two-fold. Making the meals together can be great fun for those involved, plus meals in appropriate portions will feed your loved one and lessen the worry of their nutritional health. Come up with a meal plan, look for recipes, go shopping, then plan a time when you will cook. Lastly store it for future meals.
  4. Start a walking club in your elder family members neighborhood. If your loved one enjoys walking and you know of others that enjoy walking, why not invite them along. Plan the same time each day or week and plan a walk. Folks who use wheelchairs can also participate with someone wheeling them (if they need assistance).
  5. For those elders who love to send cards, visit the Dollar Store once a month to purchase greeting cards for various occasions. First have a list of all the birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions taking place during the month, then visit the dollar store to purchase all the cards. Take the cards  home and fill them out for the entire month, then they will be ready to send. This is a  cost-effective way to purchase cards.
  6. Start a book club or a book reading with an elder. Invite a few family members or your loved ones friends to read a book each month. Then meet to discuss what everyone thought of the book. If a book club doesn’t sound interesting, pick a book to read together. Read out loud to each other or listen to an audio book.
  7. Start researching your family’s genealogy. Start with scrapbooks, pictures, family bibles (many older bibles have family members and birth/death dates written in them.), and any other information you have available. Graduate to an online genealogy website, like that will take your family search even further.
  8. Take a class at a community center, senior center, recreation center, painting studio, ceramic studio, etc… Many of these have classes your elder can commit to, but there are also “drop in” programs that allow you to go whenever you want. This might be more appealing to some people. Go online or look at a program from one of these places.
  9. Plan a trip once a month to somewhere interesting. How about a museum, an antique store, a drive in the country, or a drive through a state or national park? Where would he or she enjoy visiting?
  10. Start an activity plan. A daily, weekly, or even monthly activity plan first starts with your older family members interests. What are his past and current interests? What might he be interested in that is new?  What can you both do together? Write down all interests, then make a plan to do them. Remember, often times adaptations can be made for many activities and hobbies.