Activities in Season

Movie Memories

Movie Memories

Movies, like books, can provide an escape for a moment in time. Great movies have the power to make us think ...
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popsicle stick bird feeder

Popsicle Stick Bird Feeder

Here's a simple craft that will also feed the birds that winter in your area! Materials and Supplies Needed for Bird ...
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circle of stars

Reminiscing About Presidents

It's an election year in the United States. Use these questions for reminiscing about Presidents. If you live in another country, use ...
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felt heart pocket with pin

Heart Pocket Craft

Make heart pockets to store little Valentine's Gifts! Materials and Supplies Needed: Felt in your choice of colors Embroidery floss or ...
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Winter Sensory Activities

Stay connected to the world around you by consciously using your sense of smell, vision, hearing, taste, and touch. Sensory ...
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cupid and heart

Reminiscing about Love

Reminiscing about love, Valentines Day, and other loves of life Reminiscing about Love Who was the first girl/boy you ever ...
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Vintage Valentine's Day Card

20 Simple Expressions of Love For an Older Family Member or Older Friend

  ♥  Create and give (or send) a St. Valentine’s Day care package. ♥  Hold Hands ♥  Bake homemade goodies ...
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vintage Valentine's Day card

Favorite February Activities

Celebrate a few of February's special days with an older family member or friend! From January to March The Girl ...
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One lap rice bag and two hand held rice bags.

Winter Warmers-Hand and Lap Heating Bags

These little hand and lap heating bags are a wonderful way to keep warm in winter. Here are some other ...
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fairy garden and scarecrow

Make an Indoor Fairy Garden

Bring the joy of a fairy garden indoors... so your older family member or friend can enjoy it year round ...
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Remembering Winter

Here are some questions to help an older family member or friend remember winters past. What were winters like when you ...
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child painting grandma's toenails

A Girls Day Out

Sharing a special day with someone you love. My wonderful Dental Hygienist Marybeth, told me about a special outing she ...
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care package items in a basket

How to Create a Care Package

Creating a care package for an older friend or family member is a great way to stay connected. It can ...
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Movie Memories

Movies, like books, can provide an escape for a moment in time. Great movies have the power to make us think and feel, while entertaining us. There have been so many great movies made over the years and so many great actors and actresses.

Everyone, young and old, loves to reminisce about the movies. Whether you just came home from seeing a movie or you saw it 20 years ago, some movies we hold close to our hearts.

Movie Memories

Here are some questions for reminiscing about movies.

  • Which movies are your favorite movies? What movie is your favorite of all time? Why?
  • Did you ever see a movie more than once?
  • What type of movies are your favorite? Why
  • Who is your favorite character? Why?
  • Who is your favorite actor or actress?
  • Do you remember ever going to a movie on a date? Who did you go with? Do you remember the name of the movie?
  • What movie theater did you usually go to?
  • Did you ever see a movie at a drive in? Where was the drive in?
  • Do you remember how much movies used to cost when you were young?
  • Do you see movies now?
  • Do you have a memorable movie experience?

Fun Things to do With an Older Family Member

Here are fourteen fun things to do with an older member of the family or just for times when you need to lighten the mood.

  • Tell jokes! If you haven’t heard any good jokes lately, look some up online or check out a joke book at the library. Everyone can use some good laughs once in a while.
  • Play some simple games like hangman, I spy, tic-tac-toe crosswords, or other games. If the children are around get them involved too!
  • Get on the internet and look at videos, maps, webcams, pictures you have stored, images of interesting things, interesting educational sites, play games, or look at social media together.
  • Play some incredibly great music to shake a leg to.
  • Take photos and selfies and add the funny filters that are available. My kids do this with Grandma all the time and they have a ton of fun! Make sure your loved one would approve first.

lady with pigtails and glasses filter

  • Make some bread for dinner and enjoy the aroma it creates.
  • Bake a cake or cupcakes and frost it any way you want. Add food coloring or use tips and bags for different designs. Don’t set any rules, just have fun with it!
  • If the grandkids are around have a scavenger hunt, build a fort, blow bubbles, sing songs, or watch the babies play.
  • Make a craft for an upcoming holiday, then give it away.
  • Play an instrument or listen to songs that include an instrument your loved one used to play.
  • Exercise, do a yoga move, walk, lift a can of vegetables (for weights), or dance. Move a little and have fun with it.
  • Get in the car and take a mystery trip. End up getting ice cream, or lunch, or just a pretzel at a local store.
  • Have a movie matinée. Look up trivia about the movie ahead of time and talk about it with your loved one.
  • Have a spa moment. Paint nails, have a foot soaking party, or do facials together.